Dermis 8° was founded on the principle of providing Natures Wealth to good skincare. Our objective was turning to these healing ingredients as an alternative to the chemicals that we have relied on in the recent past for our beauty needs. Our Dermis 8° soap was formulated with natural ingredients like walnut shell powder, bamboo salt and rice bran that creates deep cleaning power without using harsh chemicals.

We are “sodium laureate sulfate” free.

The miracles of exfoliating are as follows: Exfoliating can unclog pores and eliminate blackheads; removes dark and damaged skin tissue; alleviates dry skin by removing the dry skin cells and then allowing moisturizers to absorb unto the new skin; removes brown spots by breaking up the pigments cells and allowing them to fade and exfoliating can slow down the aging process and keep us looking young.

Our main passion is to educate consumers about the miracles of exfoliating and how it helps renew our precious skin. We look for ways to achieve this in today’s busy lifestyle.

Simple as a bar of Dermis 8° soap!