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Sanogyl Whiteness and Care Toothpaste
Sanogyl Whiteness and Care Toothpaste

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Product Code: FB-1

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Sanogyl Whiteness and Care helps to combat dental plaque thanks to the combined action of Zinc Citrate and Chlorhexidine, which fight and eliminate plaque located at the base of gums.- Re-mineralize the enamel thanks the action of calcium and fluorine.- Reinforce gums thanks to vitamins E and B5, known for their toning properties.

How it works:
Its complex cleaning agents, softens and combats dental plaque in an effective way, while minimizing the risks of on-irritation of the gums.- To alleviate the gums it’s fortified richly with vitamins E and B5 known for their alleviating properties.- To protect the teeth as it reinforces enamel of the teeth against the acid attacks of the dental plaque.